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The village of Pierrefeu-du-Var

At the gates of the Maures, the village of Pierrefeu is hung on a hillside in a protected environment of woods and vineyards. Crossed by the Réal Martin, the village settled on the hill of Sainte-Croix at the end of the religious wars that devastated the first medieval village. Pierrefeu lands belonged to the lordship of Marseille viscounts, then passed several times a Provencal noble family to another over the centuries.

Castle Pierrefeu, today in ruins, was renowned in the 12th century to be the theater of the "courts of love", these medieval courtly games particularly flourishing in Provence, during which issues related to love were discussed in the light of the code of courtly love. Rostangue, Lady of Pierrefeu, and Mabille Fos, Dame d'Hyeres, including animated court of love Castle Pierrefeu.

Among the built heritage of Pierrefeu today included an old factory plugs which houses the communal rooms, an old oil mill, fountains, ancient manor chapel Holy Cross from the 11th century, and St. Jacques Church le-Majeur-17th century. A church from the 10th century is also in the hamlet Saint John.

Pierrefeu-du-Var since 1919 housed a naval air base, now dissolved but the site also includes an aeronautical industrial workshop. In 1923, the village is marked by the explosion of a zeppelin, party Naval Air Station Cuers-Pierrefeu and hit by lightning at sea. The Dixmude is its name, carries 44 sailors in the accident. At Pierrefeu, a large monument was erected on the esplanade overlooking the plain, in memory of the missing men during this tragedy.

The exceptional environment of Pierrefeu-du-Var makes it an attractive site for hiking and mountain biking. A selection of walking tours allows embracing the local heritage and diversity of the surrounding landscape.

As a family, a getaway in the heart of the village is ideal for exploring on a loop of 2.5 km, the points of interest of Pierrefeu: the esplanade of Dixmude, the fountain Wilson, the former town hall, the Esplanade Modulor, St. Jacques-le-Majeur church, the oil mill, the remains of the castle of Pierrefeu, Space Corks, Holy Cross chapel and gazebo, or the old communal well.

Three easy hikes, between 6 and 10 km in length for 2 to 3 hours of walking, you can discover a wide variety of decorations, among undergrowth, green valleys, vineyards and peak panoramas around Sigou; Vallon Loubier / Maraval; over water and ridges. The circuit drops, lasting more than 4 hours to 13 km walk, will be appreciated by lovers of genuine hikes. The most experienced hikers can confront the circuit of the Grand Gageai (21 km) and balconies of Maraval (23 km).

Surrounded by protected natural areas, the village has Pierrefeu including over 3,500 hectares of community forests. The wooded areas occupy almost 60% of its territory. At the end of the village towards Collobrières, arboretum has 300 different species of trees, shrubs and plants. This arboretum is the starting point of several marked trails for hiking.

The territory of Pierrefeu is finally known for its vineyards that produce red and rosé wines produced from grapes Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Syrah. In addition to the cooperative, fifteen domains present in the town open their doors for cellar tours, tastings and direct sales.