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Discover the many charms of the Var
Coast near the campsite

With the Mediterranean Sea and its turquoise reflections, alternating inlets, coves, sandy beaches and medieval villages that come alive to the rhythm of Provencal markets, the Var has so much to offer to each visitor. Relaxing on the warm sands, visiting museums and paying tributes to artists who have always been attracted by this county or hiking in the mountains near the sea ... From and around camping Clau Mar Jo you can discover one of the most beautiful regions of France.


The Almanarre, beach and water sports


5 miles long, the beach from L’Almanarre borders the salt lakes connecting the mainland with the tip of Giens. Its white sand and shallow waters are a good place to swim, especially for children. And when the wind rises from the west, windsurfers and kite surfers come here to indulge in their favorite sport.



Floral village
Nestled in an enchanting setting, the old village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, on the side of the Massif des Maures is bathing in Mediterranean scents. Admittedly, eucalyptus, oleander and mimosas grow here in abundance and perfume the streets of this charming town in the Var. Ranked among the most beautiful villages in the Var, Bormes-les-Mimosas has such a beautiful heritage, stroll down its narrow streets with elegant medieval buildings.


Old city
At the entrance of the peninsula that bears its name, Hyères is a delightful Mediterranean port. Elegant, this cities rich history unfolds when strolling the narrow streets of the historic center: a medieval town with cobbled streets, the legacy of the age when the city was still fortified still stands today with 19th century palaces. From the castle, enjoy beautiful views of the city. To fully appreciate the city, have a walk on market days, when Hyères shows its finest Provencal accent


The most western island of Hyères is also the largest. Its northern coast is lined with beautiful beaches while its southern coast is steep. Between the two, the landscape is made of pine forests, oak trees and vineyards. Its port and town are alive with bars and restaurants evoking North Africa and Provence. The best way to visit the island is by bike.
port de hyeres

Port of Hyères

Water sports
Hyères attracts many pleasure boats during the summer, giving life to the pretty harbor lined with restaurants whose terraces are always crowded on sunny days. It must be said the city is popular for water sports of all kinds. Diving, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, sea kayaking, etc. all planned for your holidays on the French Riviera.

Presqu'île de Giens

Stretched like a finger pointing to the Hyères Islands, off the coast of the peninsula stretches Giens a great place to go diving in the Mediterranean Sea. Comprising salt lakes and long sandy beaches, it remains a protected place where you can swim or dive from a cliff, enjoy a bike ride or watch the pink flamingos that seem to watch over the peninsula.
mot faron

Arsenal Toulon and Mont Faron

Nestling in a beautiful bay, Toulon is a city full of charm which can be especially admired from the heights of Mount Faron overlooking the harbor and capital of the Var and reachable by cable car. For centuries the city has been related to the navy, it is marked by the presence of the marine and his Arsenal. To delve into this glorious past, it is worth visiting the Maritime Museum.


World famous for its film festival, which every spring attracts famous film stars from all over the world on the shores of the French Riviera, Cannes is a popular resort since the 19th century. As a reminder of that time, several large hotels on the Croisette display their architectural styles from the late 19th and early 20th century such as the Martinez with its Art Deco style. Cannes is also the port of departure to visit the islands of Lérins, just offshore and well worth a visit.


Esterel Massifs

You can walk around the small lakes, where you can see some ducks in the season, and have a lunch break on the wood tables around the lakes, or playing bowls, and simply enjoy the fresh air of the Esterel.

port cros

The Golden Islands

The golden islands or islands of Hyères are 3 islands located off the tip of the peninsula of Giens: Porquerolles, Port-Cros and the Levant. Porquerolles is the most visited and tourist, you will access by boat from the Fondue Tower. On site you will find many restaurants, ice cream parlors and shops. Discover the island by bike (rental possible on site), swim in the crystal clear waters of the famous silver beach or visit the lighthouse Porquerolles, the mill of happiness or Fort St. Agathe. Port-Cros is the wildest, classified National Park since 1963 is a paradise for hiking and diving. You will join it from the port of Hyères in about three quarters of an hour.

mont faron

The cable car of Mont Faron in Toulon

The Faron cable car is unique in the south of France. It allows Toulon and many tourists to access the foot of the mountain at the summit at about 584 meters altitude: Mount Faron. With an exceptional view over the harbor of Toulon, you can discover a memorial dedicated to the landing of Provence and the events of the summer of 1944, a zoo called the Fauverie du Faron and various hiking trails and two restaurants including a panoramic.

tortue carnoules

The village of Carnoules turtles

Carnoules Turtle Village is a unique educational and conservation center for turtle protection. It houses the scientific and conservation activities of the SOPTOM association. Discover with family this village of 2 hectares of nature opening to you to know everything about the tortoise of the Moors and more than 50 species of the whole world. Open every day from 9h to 19h. We recommend a morning visit to make the most of turtles that are more active as well as feeding at 10am except Wednesday.


Collobrière and the Maures massifs

Nestled in the Provençal countryside, in the Maures Mountains, this medieval village, famous for its chestnuts, presents a traditional heritage. Its exceptional location in the heart of rolling hills covered with oak and chestnut trees makes it a starting point for hiking and walks in the Maures Mountains. Discover the Plateau Lambert, the abbey of Destéou or Chartreuse Verne.

golfe de st tropez

Saint Tropez

A small traditional port famous for its painters and its international jet-set, Saint-Tropez is the world's most famous and certainly the most prestigious fishing village. Beside Saint-Tropez, other cities in the Gulf like Ramatuelle, Port-Grimaud or Cogolin are home to sandy beaches and winding cobbled streets in exceptional settings at the foot of the Maures Mountains.



With a micro-climate and a rich medieval heritage it is well worth taking the time for a walk in the old quarters, the town is also as famous for its mimosa!

port cros


Port Cros is the smallest of the three islands of Hyères. The remains of the old forts which can be discovered testify to its defensive role of times gone by. Today, we appreciate the little harbor full of charm with hiking possibilities among natural surroundings. Boat trips are available from the port of Le Lavandou.

port bormes

Port of Favière

This pretty harbor of Bormes-les-Mimosas situated at the end of one of the most beautiful bays of the Var coast. This port which is steeped in modern architecture is bordered by shops and restaurants.



Clinging to the side of a hill, the charming town of Ramatuelle shelters behind its ramparts old buildings covered with pink tiles. Its hilltop location offers a sumptuous panorama of the bay of Pampelonne, its fine sandy beach and its wild coves where it is pleasant to come and isolate yourself. Ramatuelle has a vibrant cultural life with jazz and theatre festivals.

les salins hyeres

Observe the birds with salt from Hyères

The Salins d'Hyères are divided in two: the old saline and saline Pesquiers which form the center of the double tombolo of the peninsula of Giens. These two wetlands list more than 200 species of birds. The nature area organizes guided tours animated by the Bird Protection League all year round, a visit based at the same time on the discovery of the fauna and the flora but also on the sensitization to the environment. A free visit is also possible on a part of the site with a route to be done on foot or by bike. This track called "Levée de Saint Nico-las" is designed for the discovery of fauna and flora.


Almanarre and the many beaches of Hyères

The peninsula of Giens is bordered on both sides by long sandy beaches: on one side the family beaches of the Capte, the Shepherd and the Badine, with shallow water, all more char-mantes some that others, from the wildest to the most equipped, a wide choice is offered to you. On the other side, the famous Almanarre beach, famous for its breathtaking sunsets, stretches for more than 5km, it is bordered by the salt road and the Salins des Pesquiers which make all its charm. At the foot of the peninsula of Giens are small beaches and coves that you can discover as the Madrague, the beach of Bouvet or Baume, after the port the large beach of Ayguade and its lively village will be you charm just like the beach of Salins deemed to be sheltered from the wind.


Hyères, its medieval center and its old castle

With more than 2400 years of history, the city of Hyères will make you travel through its rich heritage. Located at 200m altitude on the hill of Castéou, the old castle of Hyères vestige of the XIII century dominates the city with a breathtaking view. At the foot of the castle, the historic and medieval center will take you from the time of the Templars with the Sainte-Blaise tower located on Place Massillon to the grand hotels of the nineteenth century frequented by Queen Victoria. The streets and squares of old Hyères now host many shops and restaurants but also concerts in summer. You will discover along the paved streets the ramparts of the medieval city, in total 9 towers and 5 doors that will make you travel in another time ...


Visit Porquerolles and Port-Cros

Several shipping companies and taxi boats undertake regular connections with the islands from La Tour Fondue in Giens or the port of Hyères. Porquerolles The island of Porquerolles is the largest and most western of the islands of Hyères in the Var department and the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur region. With an area of 12.54 km2 it forms an arc facing east-west, with cut edges, 7.5 km long and 3 km wide. Its perimeter is about 30 kilometers. The island culminates at the semaphore at 142 m. It owes its conservation status to the fact that it is French State property since 1971 and enjoys the status of "National Park" since 2012. Departure from the Fondue Tower in Giens. Port-Cros Port-Cros is one of the three islands of Hyères, coastal archipelago in the Mediterrenean Sea, off the bay of Hyères. 4.5 km long and 2 km wide, its highest point is at 199 m above sea level, summit of the archipelago. The presence of sources explains its rich vegetation. In the early 1960s, its owner gave it to the State against the promise of making it a national park, a reserve of fauna and flora. The National Park of Port-Cros was created December 14,1963. This national, land and marine, park is the only one of which the State is almost entirely owner. Departure from Saint Pierre port.

gorges du verdon

Gorges du Verdon

A gigantic 700-meter deep gorge carved by water and time in the limestone of the platforms of the Provence. The Gorges du Verdon are one of the main tourist sites in the Var, France and even Europe. This unique and spectacular natural wonder can be discovered from the heights by following the ledge road that offers sublime and breathtaking views. Or follow the bed of the river and canoe down the aquamarine waters of these magnificent Gorges in the Verdon.

massif des maures

The Maures Massif

The Maures Massif, with its 150,000 hectares covered with cork trees, oaks and chestnut trees, remains the largest forest area in the Var. It must be said that between Hyères and Fréjus, it covers almost a quarter of the department. Its varied landscape provides the perfect setting for hiking, biking or horse riding. From its peaks, stunning views of the Var coast and the golden islands facing the peninsula of Giens can be enjoyed.

saint tropez


Make use of your stay to stroll around the marina of Saint-Tropez, located at just 15 minutes driving from the campsite. Saint-Tropez is one of the most visited marinas of the Var. Subject to the time of year; you’ll appreciate the yachts or splendid sailing boats and enjoy one of the sunny terraces of the bars and restaurants edging the marina. The town centre houses the museum of naval history, a great culture site. You’ll also find a great number of shops. Discover the famous Gendarmerie of Saint-Tropez (now a museum of Gendarmerie and film). Not far from there, the Place des Lices boasts a market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. The fish market takes place every morning, at the entrance of the old harbour, near the shops. You can take a small ferry to admire the Canoubiers bay and its famous villas (like La Madrague).



Cavalaire sets in the most southern bay of the Var coast and is known for its 3 km long beach stretching at the foot of the Pradels massif. Hikers can choose to ramble on the Cap de Lardier or the Cap de Cavalaire. The town centre beach counts numerous kids’ clubs in the summer, as well as restaurants and private beaches. Pardigon beach is more unspoiled and well appreciated as it is construction-free and set in a preserved environment.

sainte maxime


On the Gulf of Saint Tropez, Sainte-Maxime is a popular destination for holidaymakers staying in the Var. The town became a renowned resort in the late 19th century from which the city has retained a unique architecture which is very prominent in its casino building. It is nice to discover the charms of the city by walking along its narrow streets or in the alleys of the covered market.