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The village of Castellane

charming village of Haute Provence, Castellane is considered the door mythical Verdon Gorge. city ​​of character at the heart of the Verdon Regional Natural Park, Castellane seduced by the richness of its historical heritage as well as by the grandeur of its natural heritage.

The territory of Castellane has been occupied by humans since time immemorial. A decorated cave in the municipality attests to the presence of several tribes millennia BC. Tombs from the Bronze Age were also discovered. Under Emperor Augustus, Castellane is the place of intersection of several important routes. Called "salt merchants City", it is an important step in the delivery of salt to the Durance. Salt springs are used early in the Verdon valley. In the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of the valley are moving on the rock to protect the many invasions: the first houses were built on top of the rock, and the subsequent rise gradually downwards, the hillside and natural terraces relief. These are defensive construction methods that are now de Castellane a village character with amazing architecture. The village retains remarkable monuments, including the Church of St. Victor, a pentagonal tower and clock tower.

The church Saint-Victor is located in the heart of the old Castellane. Built in the 13th century, it was successively enlarged in the 15th century and 18th century.

The pentagonal tower dates from the 14th century. It a component of the medieval walls of the city. At his feet, a pleasant garden open to the public offering sublime views over the village, the rock and the Verdon valley.

The clock tower is part of the ramparts of Castellane. Entrance door in the medieval city, it became a municipal belfry in the 18th century, adding its bell. More big tower fortifications Castellane, it also bears the name of "St. Michael's Gate."

At the entrance of Castellane, the Rock Bridge has long been the only crossing point over the course of the Verdon. It is now a place to walk prized for its stunning scenery.

Three museums are to visit in Castellane: the Museum of the Resistance, the Citroën Citromuseum devoted to post-war vehicles and the House Nature & Heritage. The site is the starting point for discovery excursions and guided tours to meet the endless natural treasures of the Verdon Park.

Castellane Niche indeed the heart of a protected area, the sublime Verdon Regional Natural Park, famous for its cliffs several hundred meters overflown by vultures and the turquoise lakes and gorges.

This land of wide open spaces and unspoiled nature is an infinite field of adventures for recreation enthusiasts outdoors and outdoor activities. Walking enthusiasts will find around Castellane an important footpaths network offering magnificent views of the Verdon valley. Famous for its scenery, the White Martel trail is ideal to discover and admire the landscapes of the largest canyon in Europe.

The Verdon Gorge is also a paradise sensational recreation enthusiasts. Kingdom of whitewater sports, they practice white water rafting and canyoning in breathtaking frames and water to the unreal colors. Swimming, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing or paragliding are other must Castellane and its surroundings.