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The town of Sainte-Maxime

Village typical Provençal setting, Sainte-Maxime is rich with an exceptional terroir and a preserved natural heritage. Forests of cork oaks and oaks, coast lined with pine trees and mimosas, vineyards and ancient olive groves live to the rhythm of cicadas. hiking Earth, the Maures Sainte-Maxime offer aside unique views over the bay of Saint Tropez. The marked trails Quilladou and Catalugno are key walking routes from Sainte-Maxime.

Provencal village and seaside resort of charm in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime is a bustling town where the Provençal culture is kept alive. The votive festival Bravades organized in May in honor of the patron saint of the holy city Maxime, revived every year the local traditions, processions, serenades, masses and Provencal games punctuate the two days of festivities. The year was also marked by numerous events that celebrate Provençal culture and the local traditions, like Corso mimosa, the feasts of St. John and St. Peter, or the harvest festivals.

The architectural and historical heritage of Sainte-Maxime is discovered while walking on foot or on a tourist train: the Provençal houses alongside the monumental square tower of the 16th century, the remains of ancient fish ponds and elegant Art Deco villas built in the early 20th century. Guided city tours and tour suggestions allow nothing to miss this rich and eclectic heritage. Among the must include the parish church of the late 18th century and enlarged in the mid-20th century, the Gaumont castle of the late 19th century, the remarkable park of Bellevue, large hotels Belle Epoque emerged with the development of winter tourism in the interwar period, or the art Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny.

The Square House is a museum of local history. On the cultural side, Sainte-Maxime also has an original museum of the phonograph and mechanical music, which presents a collection of 300 instruments and apparatus: phonographs, barrel organs and music boxes. The showroom Jean Portal offers contemporary works and arts of the world and local. The gallery look by Côté Jardin is dedicated to the works of painting and modern and contemporary sculpture.

With 11 km of coastline on its territory, Sainte-Maxime is of course also a popular resort, which offers the choice of seven beaches with different charms.

  • Beach Garonnette east of the peninsula retains a wild setting. A first aid station is present from early July to late August.
  • The beach of Madrague, unattended, is a paradise for snorkelers for its rich bedrock and its seagrass Posidonia.
  • The Croisette Beach: long and well protected, monitored during the summer months, it offers a stretch of sand or pebbles, water sports and beach restaurants.
  • The beach of the city center is south facing. There you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the village of Saint-Tropez and its recognizable tower.
  • The Nartelle Beach is ideal for families with young children. supervised from mid-June to mid-September, it has many activities and services.
  • The of Sardinaux, also called "Little Corsican", is a tranquil paradise with idyllic landscapes.
  • The scenery from the beach Elephant inspired the author of Babar for part of starting their honeymoon the royal elephant and his wife Celeste.

To get some fresh air and cool in Sainte-Maxime, finally heading the botanical garden of the Myrtles, the acclimated plants blend harmoniously with local species.