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The semaphore Dramont

The Dramont is one of the hamlets of the Mediterranean resort of exception of Saint Raphael. The area includes the Dramont Cape nature reserve in the beautiful setting and the immensely rich and varied flora. On the cape stands the largest semaphore Provence. At his feet lies one of the main beaches of the Allied landings in the Second World War. Opposite, the mysterious figure of the Island Gold topped by a crenellated tower red rock stands out against the turquoise blue of the sea.

The geological features of the Esterel mountains to the charm and identity Dramont: rhyolite feature of the massif offers the Cape's idyllic setting and demonstrates the volcanic relief. The esterellite rare endemic igneous rock already prized by the Romans in ancient times, was operating in the vast quarries of Dramont become two seaside lakes with respective vocations for a water reserve for Canadair and a base water recreation. The village quarries has also trained the future district Dramont.

At a height of 127 meters above the sea, the Cap Dramont features a semaphore, type of position defense in main purpose of the monitoring station, signaling and communication in times of peace. The Dramont semaphore is used by Navy: its strategic position on the Cape allows monitoring all at once maritime, land and air. From the top of Semaphore, it has indeed a full panoramic view of the Bay of Agay and the Esterel Mountains. The watch takes the form of a panoramic cabin 20 m2 all-glass at the top of a tower, and which overhangs the rest of the building to nearly 21 m high. The other parts of Semaphore take own red rocks of the Esterel.

The history of the semaphore Dramont, very old, dating back to the 16th century. Land Agay were then under the authority of the bishop of Fréjus. The construction of two watchtowers perched respectively on the massif of Baumette and the Dramont cap was decided in 1562 to fight jointly against the frequent attacks by pirates and against the onslaught of Charles V's army. Taken by the English in 1810 and cannon army tower Dramont will eventually be transformed into semaphore in 1860. rearmed in 1966 and fully renovated in 1980, the semaphore Dramont is still active, exerting a continuous watch on the land, sea and sky.

hiking routes in the Massif possible to approach the semaphore. A tour around the building invites you to discover the flora of the massif and to enjoy the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean, the island Or and Agay Bay. Since the circuit that circles the semaphore, a trail system more approach to the coastline along the creeks of the small port of Poussaï, offer a view of the beach landing, or a view of the peculiar shape of the island 'Gold.

The Dramont course of the trail is signposted from the port of Poussaï. The information used to reach the coast and the marked trail and then follow the coast by the tip of the Esquine of Ay and reach the tip of the Dramont.