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The mill Partegal

Unique site in the Var, the old oil mill Partegal is operated for 4 generations by a family of craftsmen millers. The mill dates from the 14th century. Resumes active in 1939 and still active since it is used to produce high quality olive oil, made in the purest tradition. The mill Partegal is located 15 minutes from Toulon, next to the oldest Provencal olive grove. Oils made on the site are regularly medalists agricultural competitions, and acclaimed by top chefs of French gastronomy.

The mill tours are offered for free, reservation required in the off season and daily in summer. They include the discovery outside of the area including the Roman aqueduct that supplied water to the bucket wheel monumental wrought iron over 8 meters in diameter. Follows the tour of the inside of the mill, the press and the millstone still active can perform in November, the first cold pressing of the harvest. The modern mill, also visitable, contrast rather with its advanced technologies for the extraction of the oil. The tour ends with a tasting of oils produced at the field. Playful way, we learn there to identify the different flavors of Provence oils. All of a guided tour to learn a lot about the culture of the olive as much as the history of the site.

A winter visit will attend the traditional methods of harvesting olives, mechanical and manual: the harvest is spread over the area from late October to mid-January. The olive grove of Partegal is a pleasant and relaxing place to walk among the ancient trees. At number 800, they form the most beautiful olive grove in the Var. The Coudon, one of Toulon Mountains protected the grove from freezing in terrible winter 1956. This is why it houses the oldest olive trees in Provence today.

The mill Partegal holds many quality labels both for its welcome to the site and the visit which is proposed for the excellence of its products: Tourism Quality Olive oil from France, Destination Company, Little Smart , quality of artisan producer, TripAdvisor and backpacker's guide are among prestigious labels Mill.

The shop of the old mill Partegal offers a wide range of products from the olive. Alongside olive oils nature of many wines and flavored oils, a variety of delicatessen products is declined: balsamic vinegar and cream, sauces and olive pasta and regional products such as honey, candied chestnuts, jams, nougat and gingerbread. The shop offers gourmets a range of table olive oil and a rare and precious called "flower of olive oil" nectar of the fruit, this oil is obtained prior to pressing at the first crushing the olives in the wheel. There is also the mill creations of the last French manufacturer of wooden kitchenware olive Laurent Barbier. Gift boxes are to offer gourmets as the gourmands, consisting of oil and vinegar sets, an olive oil bottle flower, confectionery or condiments.

While a range of natural cosmetics has finally developed from olive: nourishing creams, balms for hair, gentle cleansers, treatments and Marseille soaps.

The winners medals and distinctions Partegal Mill is immense: in 2019, the excellence of its products it has already won fifty gold medals in national and international competitions prestige.