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The Massif d’Esterel mountain range
And the Corniche d’Or, which overlooks the wild creeks

The Esterel is a range with glowing coloured rocks, which extends from Saint Raphaël to Cannes. Dominated by Mount Vinaigre at 618 metres, it is a wonderful viewpoint, with views to, for example, the peak of the Cap Roux. There is an orientation table overlooking the Mediterranean, from where you pick out the Lérins Islands and sometimes Corsica, if it’s a fine day. The famous corniche d'or, which links Saint Raphaël and Cannes, is one of the most beautiful roads on the Cote d’Azur. Twisting between the turquoise water of the creeks and the red rocks of Esterel, the panoramas are magnificent from the managed viewpoints and you can climb the high cliffs which dominate the creeks. The Sainte Baume cave in the Massif d’Esterel has a fabulous view of the Lérins islands. A legend says that the hermit Saint Honorat, who lived in the Esterel, left his cave to found the monastery on the island of Saint Honorat. The massif is the perfect place for various different sports, such as buggies, mountain biking or electric biking, climbing and hiking on the numerous trails.