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The farmhouse Port Auguier

winery located in the Mas du Port Auguier, facing the islands of Ribaud and Ribaudin, the area of ​​Giens also offers vacation rentals located in a privileged setting and a campsite at the farm with a few mobile homes Recent.

The area of ​​Mas Port Auguier was already in operation at the end of the 19th century. Operation then included white Chasselas vines for sale and exported to England and potato fields and allium. Several generations have passed on this area which today 3 hectare vineyard biologically treated and harvested by hand. The winery produces red, white, rosé, muscat and a rare magnum of red wine aged for a year in oak barrels. With an annual production of about 10 000 bottles, the area remains a traditional family business that favors the respect of his vineyard and the quality of its products.

Rosé wine Mas Auguier Port is produced from a grape Grenache 70% and respectively 10% Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault. Obtained by pressure cold grapes and a short period of maceration, it is fresh, at once fruity and floral. It is ideally eaten between 10 and 12 ° in aperitif or with raw vegetables, meats or seafood.

The red wine of the area is distinguished by its very fruity notes. Very good young, it becomes great age. Served at 17 ° ideally it goes well with cheeses and grilled meats. It is obtained from grapes of Mourvèdre, Syrah, Cabernet and Grenache. The red aged in oak is a rare wine, produced in the number of 150 bottles per year. Its dark red dress holds woody and fruity. Well preserved, it will age easily 10 or 15 years.

The white product to the field of Giens sports a bright dress and discreetly golden. Fine Wine and balanced, it is ideally served with shellfish or fish, at a temperature of 10 to 12 °. Obtained from grapes Rolle and Clairette equally, it is produced by maceration method, which consists of a cold maceration of one or two days of the grapes with the bloom (skin of grapes).

Muscat, little sweet, is both aromatic and light. It is obtained entirely from a muscat grape small grains. It is served chilled, at 8 ° ideally with desserts, as an aperitif or accompaniment to foie gras.

The estate wines are available at the property, the Mas du Port Auguier. The site also offers visitors staying at the farm campsite, in an exceptional setting facing south facing the island of great Ribaud. Five mobile homes are offered in the heart of the vineyard and the hillside. Vacation rentals are also attached to the area, conveniently located just minutes from the pier to the island of Porquerolles. Some of the rentals is located in Port Auguier, another in the small fishing village of La Madrague. A residential trailer fifty locations is also located in the hamlet of the Madrague.

Last vineyard of the Giens Peninsula, the area of ​​Mas du Port Auguier has a real historical dimension. One can consider it as wholly owned natural and cultural heritage of Hyères.