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The city of Sanary-sur-Mer

Charmant fishing port and typical Provencal village, Sanary is a destination that conveniently discovered by strolling along the waterfront, along the docks and the shopping streets. Every summer evening Sanary comes alive a night market on which to discover local crafts and creations, original gadgets, or artists on display. Sanary The port also has its authentic character of the presence of numerous sharp, colorful Provencal fishing boats classified today.

Gardens fountains and chapels in oratories, Sanary-sur-Mer has a beautiful cultural, natural, historical and architectural. The original church Saint-Nazaire is built in the late 16th century on the site of a former priory. It will be destroyed and rebuilt in the 19th century in a neo-Romanesque style. It is equipped in 2009 with a magnificent organ with exceptional sound quality. In 2000, the walls were painted large Byzantine-inspired murals.

The religious heritage of Sanary also includes several chapels scattered throughout its districts: the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy, present in the town of Saint-Nazaire fishermen since the 16th century; the private chapel of the Vernette; Espaime the chapel commemorating the victims of a pirate attack in the 17th century; St. Trinide chapel built on a Gallo-Roman site; the typical Provencal Saint-Roch chapel, built after the great plague of 1164; or the chapel of the White Penitents, also called the Coquillon, 16th century. Stations of the Cross finally leads to the Saint-Nazaire church to the chapel of Our Lady of Mercy: it is dotted with 8 stations, but also 4 oratories of the 16 that make up the territory of Sanary-sur-Mer.

Among the remarkable heritage of Sanary also include the Romanesque tower, built in the early 14th century, this defense tower 21 meters high located on the harbor now houses the Museum of Archeology underwater city. At its peak, it offers a magnificent view across the harbor.

On the tip of the Cride, strategic planning Sanary place for several centuries, stands a military battery has since the 17th. Enlarged in the 19th century, it is part of the set of defenses to protect the harbor of Toulon. The battery was in service until the Second World War. On the mountains of Big Brain, another defensive structure was built in 1890. Behind the moat and wall, the gun slots are cut into the rock and the underground link between them.

The history of Sanary was recently marked by the epic "Mousquemers" these pioneers of scuba diving that have names Philippe Tailliez, Frédéric Dumas and Jacques Cousteau. Frederic Dumas museum, located along the harbor, honors inventions, research and records of the three men. It has an important collection of objects and documents recounting the epic underwater three pioneers. Ancient City of scuba diving, Sanary exposes in Luino garden authentic Comex diving bell made in the workshops of Provence Mechanical engineering in the 70s.

resort of great charm Station, Sanary-sur-Mer is finally an ideal destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts: hiking in the mountains of Big Brain to horseback riding through the cruise boat or Aquascope, the panel activities is wide there. Paradise for water sports and recreation, the resort offers diving clubs and sailing clubs offering family activities or feeling.

Oratories in Big Brain through the tip of the Cride and the Garden of Olives, Sanary-sur-Mer has many green spaces, rejuvenating walking areas and natural areas. At Kennedy Square, near the harbor parking, walkers discover a kindergarten, a mountain bike trail, pleasant walkways and a 19th century laundry.