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The city of Saint Raphael

Sublime resort at the foot of the Esterel mountains, close to Frejus, St. Raphael is composed of several neighborhoods own charms: the old city and its historical heritage, the shopping center, lively ports, and Valescure Golf prestige and the idyllic scenery and beaches of Boulouris, Le Dramont, Agay, Anthéor and Trayas.

St. Raphael extends beachfront on the Corniche d'Or, iconic 40km road through a beautiful setting among the red rocks of the Esterel mountains, the pine trees and the turquoise of the Mediterranean.

City multifaceted the extended waterfront, St. Raphael offers multiple activities in all seasons. It includes a wide range of outdoor recreation, hiking in Esterel water sports through golf. A rich heritage is to discover, architectural, historical and cultural.

The center of Saint Raphael includes the old city and the old port. It charms with its shady streets, which is open daily horticultural and vegetable Provencal market. The presbytery of the church of San Raféu, 12th century and known as "Templar", houses the Archaeological Museum. The latter includes the archaeological crypt of the medieval church, an underwater archeology department and a department of paleontology and archeology of prehistory. Among the remains of the medieval walls of the old city face a watch tower of the 13th century, 30 meters high, which has at its top a magnificent view over the entire bay.

The growth of tourism in the late 19th and early 20th century has also given way to a rich architectural heritage in Saint-Raphael, in particular represented by the casino, the Protestant church, Byzantine basilica, and many remarkable villas including the Villa Magali, Moorish Villa, Villa La Villa Péguière or Notre Dame. To the east of the city center, away from the Bay of Frejus Saint Raphael towards Cannes, the great port of Santa Lucia completes the offer of the old harbor moorings. Then successive smaller stations of Saint Raphael.

The residential area of ​​Boulouris is a city within a city, which has its services, its market, its train station and commercial center. The coastal path runs along the 9 beaches found on its waterfront and its small marina.

The Dramont district is notable for the island that faces its massive, recognizable by its crenellated watchtower: Private, the island Or is a classified site that is among the most beautiful in France. Great Dramont beach is itself one of the most important sites of the Provence landings. The Dramont semaphore heading and overlooking the small fishing port Poussaï. The artificial lake Dramont is finally a place of privileged meeting for sports enthusiasts and water sports.

Gateway to the Estérel mountains, the Agay is a natural jewel formed between the tip of the Baumette and Dramont cap. It houses three sandy beaches dominated by the red rocks from the top of Rastel.

At the bend of a meander of the Corniche d'Or, Anthéor won for the original landscape and idyllic that form its small bay dominated by a viaduct. Trains to Cannes serve the small station perched on the mountain. Then to succeed Trayas the creeks of Nissards, Petit Caneiret, Saint-Barthélemy, of Maubois, Aurelle and Maupas, bordered by the trail of odors.

On the heights of Saint Raphael Valescure is finally known for its golf courses and sumptuous villas. The neighborhood is home to the oldest golf course in the Var and the sixth oldest golf France, built in 1895, but the golf Esterel created in the foothills in 1989, and the 9-hole Cap Esterel with views over the bay of Agay.