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The city of Cavalaire-sur-Mer

Ancient Greek colony installed in the bay in antiquity, Cavalaire was still in the 18th century as a small fishing village, attached to the village of Gassin to the 20th century. Recent Var Town Cavalaire is bordered by the Mediterranean and the Massif des Maures. Today it is a favorite tourist resort, enjoying exceptional landscapes, good living Provencal traditions and a wide range of leisure.

The Fenouillet trail allows to embrace the variety of landscapes of Cavalaire-sur-Mer, the rocky coast to the scrubland through the beaches and the views of the Golden Isles. A circuit of 4.5 km between land and sea, on an alternating up and down path, is to go from the beach Bonporteau.

The coastal flora is more diverse in Cavalaire: we discover the typical species of the scrubland, but also strawberry trees, oaks and pines of the Maures and the eucalyptus and tamarisk trees lining the wild beaches.

The wealth of the seabed towards Cavalaire-sur-Mer is the terrestrial flora image: rich, colorful and varied. A haven for lovers and diving enthusiasts, Cavalaire Bay including about a dozen wrecks, cargo ships, submarines, destroyers and aircraft, providing refuge to hundreds of marine species. Second dive site in the Mediterranean, Cavalaire Bay lends itself to exploration Palmes-Masque-Tuba family, technical dives, such as baptisms for beginners.

Cavalaire Bay is also an ideal destination for sports and various water sports. The nautical base of Cavalaire offers many activities for all ages, more sports to more family: wakeboarding and wakesurfing, kitesurfing, towed buoys, paddle, kayaking and canoeing or sailing. Sea excursions are offered from the port of Cavalaire, sailing, maxi-catamaran or speedboat. The program of your cruise, the Golden Islands, the creeks or diving.

Swimming, games and lazing on the beaches are also among the essential activities of Cavalaire-sur-Mer, rich of several kilometers of beaches and sandy coves. Protected between Cape Cavalaire and Cap Larbier Cavalaire Bay offers 4 beautiful beaches of soft sand supervised in summer: City Center the beach and its many water activities; Park Beach in Zen atmosphere; the range of very vegetated Dolphin; and Pardigon Beach, the largest and quietest. For fans of great comfort, several private beaches with chairs and cocktail bar are located on different beaches monitored. If you prefer the tranquility of wild and idyllic coves, go on the beach Bonporteau, idyllic scenery and crystal clear waters.

Proud of its traditions and its intangible heritage, Cavalaire-sur-Mer is a popular destination for discovering the culture of Provence: traditional instruments playing the St. John and St. Peter, games of pétanque on the bowling alleys of the village markets Provencal and daily catch of seafood. the culinary heritage is especially honored with a fish market on the old harbor renowned throughout Provence. Strolling among the stalls, we do not fail to notice the traditional fishing boats called "sharp", these colorful boats that make the charm of Provencal ports in general and that of Cavalaire in particular.

Cavalaire finally alive in day and evening of festivities and various cultural events: family shows, concerts, night markets, exhibitions, regattas, nature discovery days, car boot sales, parts theater or nautical festivities.