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The city of Agay

Mythical place called the territory of Saint Raphael, Agay nestled in the hollow of a bay on the Mediterranean at the feet of the red rocks of the Esterel Mountains. natural harbor already known to the Greeks in ancient times, Agay was from prehistory to today a strategic site from both a business perspective and defensive. The small resort, a jewel of the Gold cornice, today is renowned for its beautiful scenery, beach protected from the wind and offers water sports. On the hills of Agay, Cap Esterel is the largest resort in Europe, born in the 60s on the initiative of Pierre & Vacances Group.

Agathon named by the Greeks, Agay is considered very early for its strategic value in trade or conflicts with other peoples of the Mediterranean. If the Greeks had seen a great site to promote trade with the Ligurian peoples of the Esterel mountains, the Romans monopolize the first century BC after rejecting the Ligurian tribes inland. They create a port, connected to the Via Aurelia which runs along the Mediterranean coast from Narbonne to Rome.

In the Middle Ages, Agay is a key entry point for the Saracen attacks: following repeated incursions of Saracen armies maritime, residents are leaving the scene. In the 13th century, Agay is not inhabited.

Not until the 17th century, during the reign of Louis XIII, for the site back to life. Richelieu is there indeed build two defensive towers, the Baumette and Dramont and a fortified castle.

The most significant phase in the development of Agay, however, be in the 19th century, when the site is served by the railway. In the early 20th century will be created then the road to the Golden Corniche along the Mediterranean at the foot of the Esterel Mountains. The tourist vocation of Agay intensifies. The resort attracts famous personalities of science, arts and letters, like Maupassant, the Lumière brothers or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who celebrated his wedding there in particular.

black page of history, the Second World War was devastating Agay: the German armies destroyed the castle, burned the Esterel mountains and caused the disappearance of the houses and the chapel in the bombing to the viaduct Anthéor.

Despite the disappearance of his castle and its oldest buildings, Agay retains a small inheritance made many curiosities: the Fountain of the Little Prince in honor of Saint-Exupery, the beacon of Baumette the site of the old defensive tower the Corniche d'or and its unique panoramas, the rocky island of old, of the island Gold and its fortified tower, joyful instead of Togo that welcomes events of the station or the old post office, restored care.

Protected from the tip of the cape Baumette and Dramont, Agay is a seaside resort most enjoyable offering a wide range of land and water sports. Starting from the small port of Agay, trips to the creeks of Esterel or diving trips are available. The municipal nautical Agay rents paddles and kayaks. One can also go jet skiing, make buggy tours, rent mountain bikes for a tour in the Esterel, or try exploring the seabed Palmes-Masque-Tuba. Cap Esterel Golf on the hills, offers a 9 holes in an exceptional setting.