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The cave Saint-Cézaire

At 15 km from Grasse, the network of galleries in the cave of Saint Cézaire is born there are 6 million years under the action of underground streams. Acids and limestone transported by water formed reliefs and concretions visible today, and gave their warm colors so characteristic of the Saint-Cézaire. The iron oxide is responsible for the amazing red color of crystallization.

Discovered by chance in 1890 by a farmer, the cave will be developed initially for brief visits. Its full tourism business truly begins at the end of the First World War. The visit of the Saint-Cézaire cave is now the subject of a guided tour of 200 meters of underground galleries, 40 meters deep. The cavity is provided to allow access to families.

At several meters underground, the temperature is 15 ° in all seasons. Nice retreat in winter, the cave is also a refreshing visit in summer. Wet soil, however, requires the wearing of shoes stable and preferably closed.

Saint-Cézaire is discovered in a series of rooms connected by sloping passages. Each room offers a breathtaking spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites, large draperies and columns, highlighted by a magical lighting and musical entertainment. The pink color or red concretions, and their transparency, offer a unique setting. The reliefs form natural art, the interpretation is left to everyone's imagination. The highlight of the visit, the organ lime leaves no visitor indifferent. The largest stalactite St. Cézaire cave, with a length of 1.50 meters, was formed 150,000 years. The site visit also invited to plunge into another temporality. The visit of the cave ends with the entry of a pit 15 meters deep.

Outside, a trail is open access for visitors to the cave. The walk takes place in a wooded area above the cavities. It is marked by 14 steps each discover their own gasoline Provençale garrigue. This path of discovery of Mediterranean flora provides a ride about 45 minutes to prolong pleasantly the day after the visit of the cave. It passes through an airy oak forest of 6 hectares. Maps are available at the trail head.

The site of the Saint-Cézaire cave also has an adventure course in the trees: the Paca Adventure acrobranch site offers courses adapted to all levels for younger children as for seasoned athletes. Fun outdoor activities are a great variety offered by the Adventure Park: slackline, hanging buoys dizzying slide, cable bridges, suspended sleds, tyrocco, crossing mesh, or rings. What fun, romp, mistrust among friends and refuel sensations.

The restaurant Aragonite finally gets fans of traditional cuisine and flavors of Provence in a privileged and peaceful setting of the park of Saint-Cézaire cave. Just above cavities and their concretions spanned several millennia, in the pleasant air-conditioned room or on the shaded terrace, you will discover the typical flavors of southern dishes using fresh local produce.

The caves, the bar and the tree climbing park are open to the public from early February to mid-November. The restaurant opens from April 1, noon only in low season, and continuous service 7 days 7 from 1 July to 31 August. Ample parking is provided at the entrance of the site.