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The cave of the dark Baume

In the Regional Natural Park of the Azure Alps, the Baume Obscure the site houses a network of underground cavities formed by water in the limestone plateau. With a length of 1200 m, underground tunnels have been built on 700 meters of walkways and steps for their visit by the public.

The first explorations of the site takes place in the late 50s Enlargement of a passage at the entrance called the "Cypress cave" makes access easier concretions rooms. The site, while open access, attracts many curious and undergoes numerous degradations. In 1982, the French caver Henry Chabert buys the site and closes access to stop the damage and prevent the disappearance of concretions multimillénaires.

A decade of work was needed to open some galleries sealed limestone and develop the cave to open to the public. Today, entry into the cavity is done by Cypress cave, and exit through the cave Loube. The route into the cavity, sometimes narrow in some places, so is one way.

The site Baume Obscure today is a jewel of the French Riviera Alps, both above and below ground: on the plateau of about 700 m, woodlands of oak and pine trees alternate with garrigue landscape moors and green valleys. In the caves, sublime concretions can be admired. Their range is very large: alongside the classic stalagmites, stalactites, columns and draperies stand monumental fistulas, transparent crystallisation of pure calcite and aragonite needle bushes. The caves are also home to fossils Belemnites, ancestors of the missing cuttlefish in the late Cretaceous.

The discovery of the Baume Obscure cave is through the concept of Souterroscope: a magical and spectacular tour mode that highlights the natural setting of the cavity. The tour in the cave takes place freely to the sound of music, songs and comments that accompany the visitor. A set of lights can illuminate and reveal different angles crystallizations. The cyclic activation animation allows everyone to visit the cave at his pace. Lamps are also provided to the public to discover places like the cavers pioneers in the minutes off light entertainment. A magical experience for the family.

The free tour takes about an hour. It can be coupled with a treasure hunt game, which is to find the hidden characters in the cave and solve puzzles along the way. The game can continue into the forest to extend the experience the great outdoors and enjoy an afternoon on the set of the cave of Baume Obscure.

The site can also be visited in the company of a guide · E, caver and geologist, to discover the history of its discovery, caving techniques and tools, the legends surrounding the site, the history of its formation, the specific groundwater and training principles of calcareous concretions, or biodiversity of the caves, particularly through the habits of bats.

The cave of Baume Obscure offers many other original tours, night with torch, or through great games hosted by an external provider: survey games and team games around custom themes.