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The best hikes in the Var

Land of contrasts between sea and mountains, the Var is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Coastal paths to the hilltop villages of the hinterland of the harbor of Toulon to the Verdon Gorges, the Var has several of the best hiking routes France. Various circuits are to discover, for a walk of less than 2 hours in the family as a technical course for over 4 hours.

  • The route of Bagnols-en-Forêt: marked paths around Bagnols can discover the coastal heritage, especially the remains of the ancient fortress and its millstone. The path of the grinding wheels and the oppidum fortress forms a loop of 5 km which runs in about two hours. It passes through the impressive ancient watchtower and the extraction site in mills, operated from the Neolithic to the 18th century.
  • The village of Bargème and mountain Brouis: this sporting course of 11 km can take four hours due to the consequent ascent to the mountain Brouis. From the heights, the view is sublime on the plain and the listed village of Bargème: built more than 1000 meters above sea level around a 16th century castle, the highest city of the Var is classified among the "More beautiful villages in France ". A variant shortens the hike and make it easier by cutting the path of Coustière with 2:30 8 km walk and a vertical drop of 200 meters only.
  • Lake Avellan: This loop of 12 km 3 hour walk, from easy, to discover the shores of Lake Avellan at the foot of Mount Vinegar. The circuit, which follows the perimeter of the body of water, though through very varied landscapes, appointed to the shores of Lake river gorge through a typical Mediterranean décor shaded by pine trees and flowers of heather. Mount Vinegar is the highlight of the Esterel Mountains.
  • Dolmen Marenq: this hike is a 10 km loop starting Ampus, from easy for a 2:30 running time approx. It leads to the discovery of the dolmen preserved Marenq old 4500 years. After the dolmen, the route continues to lead to the encounter vestiges of the past, through sites from different eras: the Notre Dame Chapel Spéluque built in the 10th century, the washing of Ampus and Fontigon channel, or old coal and old wood stoves. The trail is marked with yellow, but the little detour to the dolmen requires a hook on an unmarked path portion.
  • The rise of large Margès from Aiguines: this sublime hiking 10 km is quite difficult because the trail is level technical and ascension sustained. The landscapes are beautiful and breathtaking views. The circuit starts in the village of Aiguines overlooking the reservoir of St. Croix and the Valensole, famous for its lavender crops. Some sections of the route are very aerial, along the ridges of the great Margès and circus Vaumale. Hikers do not regret the sweeping views of the turquoise waters of the Verdon Gorge offers this sometimes hilly course.
  • The lake Rioutard in Saint-Paul-en-Forêt: this easy hike 5 km is ideal to do as a family. It will offer 1:30 refreshing walk on a shaded road with pine and cork oak trees, leading to the shores of Lake Rioutard. It then continues on a nature trail, discovering species typical of Provence.