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The Almanarre beach

Ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the world by the New York Times, the Almanarre beach is a stretch of sand and small pebbles 4km along the road saline Hyères on the west side of the peninsula ' Isle of Giens. It extends over the entire length of Tombolo, from the archaeological site of Olbia in Giens, along the pond Pesquiers.

At the bottom of the Gulf of Giens, the beach is renowned for its exceptional setting, but also for its winds and currents conducive to the sport. Windsurfers appreciate the site throughout the year, especially when the west wind. When the Mistral rises, seasoned kitesurfers also surrounded the premises. The rough sea forms a wild and beautiful setting of sight. Funboard spot Almanarre is internationally renowned: it hosts each year indeed cuts the respective world of fun board and kite. For kitesurfing, receives Hyères Almanarre steps freestyle and long distance. funboard Competitors (declination windsurfing) are found in turn the site annually, for the first World Cup event since the late 80s.

Broader range of the station, Almanarre is conducive to welcome everyone: the areas dedicated to swimming or to the sport are defined and secured. If one quickly loses foot at the windsurfing spots, the area reserved for swimming is rather gentle slope: the shallow water at the edge, allowing younger children to enjoy water play safe . Two beach areas are monitored during the summer. When the wind comes from the east, the beach is completely protected by the Giens peninsula and the waters are particularly quiet. Ample free parking is available after the roundabout Almanarre and several other points of parking along the salt route, along the marsh. Showers and toilets also equip the site up to the large parking lot. Some restaurants and private beaches punctuate the 4 km of Almanarre. One can rent beach chairs and other beach equipment. At the end of the tombolo, there is a Stand Up Paddle station. The beach remains little fitted in view of its extent, and thus retains a wild character that is its charm. The Almanarre beach obtained the environmental quality label Blue Flag, and several labels Tourism and Handicap.

Along the Almanarre beach, the other side of the road, the old salt and pond Pesquiers home to exceptional wildlife, especially bird. Almanarre can enjoy the pleasures of the sea while observing wild birds pass or full-time on the site, with among them colonies of flamingos. During the winter, the salt road is closed to traffic. She became a favored promenade between the long Almanarre beach facing the Mediterranean and the nearby bird sanctuary marsh.

At the entrance to the beach, at the Olbia archaeological site, snorkeling trail Almanarre proposes to discover the protected funds and many species living in rocks and in the herbarium of Posidonia.