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The commune of Saint-Laurent-du-Var is a few kilometres from Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes. Indeed, if the Var River is very close to the city, it does not cross the department that bears his name! The number assigned to the department of Alpes-Maritimes is 06. The inhabitants of the commune call themselves "Laurentins". The city's motto is "tell them they're coming" in reference to the city's historical past. Indeed, several centuries ago, Saint-Laurent-du-Var was then the last city on the border of the Kingdom of France. The traces of this very ancient past are still sometimes visible thanks in particular to the houses made of stone. The Romanesque church is also a historical testimony of importance. Saint-Laurent-du-Var is a short distance from cities worth visiting in the Alpes-Maritimes, such as:

  • The city of Biot which is known for its handicrafts of blown glass;
  • Grasse, whose reputation for perfumery is well established;
  • Vence which is a charming village, ideal for strolling between the alleys.

To help you better situate Saint-Laurent-du-Var in relation to your place of residence, the commune is located at:

  • 40 minutes from Frejus and Saint-Raphael (add 15 minutes for Le Muy);
  • 1:40 a.m. from Saint-Tropez;
  • 25 minutes from Biot or Nice.

What to see in Saint Laurent du Var?

There is so much to do near Saint-Laurent-du-Var in the Var, here are some of the tours that may interest you near this charming commune.

The Renoir Museum

Located near Saint-Laurent-du-Var this house in which the painter lived is now a museum. The building, very elegant, is worth a look. The museum is located in Cagnes-sur-Mer, a commune bordering Saint-Laurent. A children's space has been installed in the gardens of the property. The schedules of the Renoir Museum near Saint-Laurent-du-Var: During the summer season, from June to September: 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm (gardens are open from 10am to 6pm).

  • October to March: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • In the spring, from April to May: 10am-12pm and 2pm-6pm.

Discover the city of Biot: a unique craft

Head to Biot to discover the blown glass. Located a little inland, Biot is also close to the Sophia Antipolis technopolis. Discover the glassworks of the commune. The craftsmen are experts in the making of bubbled glass. Come watch the artists shape their works and leave with a unique piece. Biot is also a city with picturesque alleys that you will love to visit. You can visit artists' workshops and see their works. The Brague County Park is also a place to visit if you enjoy the natural sites. A few steps from Biot, in the "Val de Pôme" also discover the Fernand Léger museum. This renowned artist has produced hundreds of colorful and striking works.

Escape to Antibes where it's good to live

The forest town is probably as pleasant as Saint-Tropez or Cannes while being less known. If you enjoy seaside towns, you will enjoy visiting this place. You can discover the Picasso Museum located in Place Mariejol for 8 euros. This artist is no longer presented with a unique pictorial technique. Picasso has marked the history of art forever. In addition, the castle in which the Picasso Museum is located has been listed as a Historic Monument for several decades. The workshops of the Picasso Museum are located in Mariejol Square, just in front of the museum, you have to book to be able to visit them. Museum schedules:

  • Closed Mondays.
  • From September 16 to June 14: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. / 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Checkout closes at 12:30 p.m. - Checkout closes at 5:30 p.m.
  • June 15 - mid-September: 10am - 6pm. Checkout closes at 5:30 p.m.

Other visits not to be missed in Antibes:

  • The archaeological museum, whose collection is very complete and exciting;
  • The square fort whose history is to be known absolutely;
  • The Peynet Museum;
  • The school museum.

What to do in Saint-Laurent-du-Var?

Some activities and outings to do in Saint-Laurent-du-Var with friends or family:

The Natural Aquarium of the Blue Flots

Do you like animals? Do your kids love to watch swans and other fish? So try this original experience, that of coming to feed the animals of the natural aquarium. No wall, no cage encloses these creatures that come and go in the Mediterranean space. The specialist instructor will share many anecdotes about animals. It's ideal for a breath of fresh air in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, on Les Flots Bleus beach. Also be aware that the ornithological area of the city, is home to more than 260 species of birds. The latter adjoins the Cap 3000 shopping centre, just at the mouth of the Var River.

Crazy Rooms in Saint-Laurent-du-Var

Try the adventure of the escape game in Saint-Laurent-du-Var during your stay. It's a fun activity to do with friends or family with young people at least 13 years old for an optimal experience. This escape game will require perseverance and creativity to solve puzzles and find the way out.

Visit Nice

Located a few kilometers from St Laurent du Var the beautiful city of Nice has many places of interest. The most curious venture into the old town to discover the local cuisine. Try socca, made from chickpeas and traditionally cooked over a wood fire. Enjoy typical Nice recipes: Nice stuffed, eponymous salad, zucchini flower fritters, and parmesan eggplant. Some fascinating places in Nice:

  • Phoenix Park (animals, exotic greenhouses, playgrounds...)
  • The Marc Chagall Museum;
  • The Matisse Museum;
  • The Museum of Modern Art;
  • The Museum of Asian Arts.

Also consider strolling along Saleya, a place of tradition where locals gather to make the market. You can discover local products produced in the hinterland. Also think of Masséna Square, or the castle hill and its charming waterfall, these are typical places of Nice.

Where to eat at St Laurent du Var?

The city of Saint-Laurent-du-Var has many restaurants. You will inevitably find the cuisine that will suit you thanks to our gourmet selection.

The Farci in the mouth

This restaurant offers mainly local cuisine. Discover the delicious regional products in these recipes with southern accents. The restaurant specializes in stuffed, a typical recipe par excellence, treat yourself! In addition, you will have a view of the port of St. Lawrence, the height of chic. To book a table: 09 73 17 27 35. The address to enter the GPS: 90 Quai la Pérouse, 06700 Saint-Laurent du Var France

Le restaurant Panasia

This property offers good Asian dishes. Taste recipes from China and Japan, smell spices and good smells of marinades. It's the perfect restaurant to take your taste buds to the other side of the world while contemplating the port of St Laurent. The Panasia restaurant is located just outside the Cap 3000 shopping centre. So you have a large parking lot to park. The address of Panasia, Asian restaurant in St Laurent: 317 Avenue Eugene Donadei Shopping Centre Cap 3000, Saint Laurent du var, 06700 Saint-Laurent du Var France. Book a table on 04 93 26 05 38.

The Mets Passion

Want to taste typical recipes from the region? The Passion des Mets offers recipes in the purest Nissart style. Enjoy dishes based on pistou and other doughnuts and panisses. The restaurant offers a plate of Nice specialties for one or two people, so you taste everything. Don't lose a crumb, block a table: 04 93 89 46 17. The address of La Passion des Mets: 18 Boulevard Louis Roux, 06700 Saint-Laurent du Var France.

The Bistrot of the Navy

Located two minutes from St. Lawrence du Var in Cros de Cagnes, it was impossible to overlook this property. The Bistrot de la Marine is gradually gaining its reputation and rightly so. The recipes are worked on, the products selected with the utmost care, the flavors are perfect. Taste the finesse of a goldsmith's work. The price a little high is largely justified by the quality of the meal. The terrace is sheltered, you can have lunch with the sea on the horizon. To book a table: 04 93 26 43 46. The address of the Bistrot de la Marine: 96 Promenade de la Plage, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer France.

The most beautiful beaches in Saint-Laurent-du-Var

The sand and pebbles await you on the beaches of St Laurent! Extraordinary: the airport is nearby and you can see the planes landing and taking off as close as possible. The city has 3 small beaches.

  • Cousteau Beach, which runs along the promenade named after the famous Jean-Yves Cousteau. It's a sandy beach.
  • Landsberg Beach, close to the boating club. Note that this is a pebble beach.
  • The blue flots beach, along the blue stream promenade. It has a rescue station that is open during the summer season. There are more pebbles than sand here.

If you can't find your happiness about the beaches in St Laurent:

  • You absolutely want to enjoy wide sandy beaches, go instead to the Var or near Villefranche, just past the city of Nice.
  • Do you prefer pebble beaches? There are some very nice ones on the Nice side as well.