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The Massif des Maures Mountains
Dominating the Mediterranean

Between the sea and the countryside, the vast Massif des Maures mountain range extends from Hyères to Fréjus, over approximately sixty kilometres. This massive 780 metre tall mountain is dominated by the Signal de la Sauvette, and a church, the shrine of Notre Dame des Anges, at 767 metres. Many pilgrimages are organised to this sanctuary. It was erected in the 11th century by the residents of Pignans to house the statue of the Virgin, which had been mysteriously discovered in the heart of the range. The village of Collobrières is known as the ‘chestnut capital’. Located between Pierrefeu and Grimaud, it has a factory which creates chestnut specialities (crème de marrons, marrons glacés , …) and a marron glacé museum. Many restaurants serve game specialities, paired with local produce such as chestnuts, washed down with local wines from neighbouring vineyards.