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From the village of Castellane to the Sainte Croix lake
The Gorges du Verdon

The gorges can be explored by hiking from the many views and cliffs overlooking the canyon, or from the bottom of the gorges by kayak, canoe or rafting. Along the water, the Gorges du Verdon are accessible from Lake St. Croix, you can rent kayaks, canoes or pedal boats on the shores of Lake St. Croix next to the bridge of Galetas, and go up the exit of Gorges in complete freedom. The most adventurous thrill-seekers will choose the kayak or rafting formula in the rapids from Castellane to the Chasteuil beach, only possible in July and August. In total, between 8 and 14 kilometers of gorges are to discover. Several geological and prehistoric sites are also on the agenda of this day rich in emotions.

The Gorges du Verdon are famous for their depth (up to 700 meters, the deepest gorges in Europe), the river with many meanders that crosses the canyon, the beauty of its wild landscapes, the cities of character built nearby and outdoor activities that can be practiced. They are divided into three distinct zones: the pre-gorges (from Castellane to Pont-de-Soleils), the gorges (from Pont-de-Soleils to Imbut) and the canyon (from Imbut to Palud-sur-Verdon) . They contain several dams such as Lake St. Croix, Lake Castillon and Lake Esparron ... The Gorges du Verdon are part of the Verdon Regional Nature Park, a vast protected natural area of ​​nearly 190 000 hectares that covers an area of part of the Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Are you a hiker? Put on your walking shoes and go on the many marked trails (Martel, Imbut, Bastidon). On the way, you will meet superb views of the heights from where you will have a breathtaking view of the canyon, including the viewpoint of Trescaire. This natural paradise also attracts cyclists, fishermen, climbing and canyoning enthusiasts. You want to enjoy your holidays near the Gorges du Verdon to carry out an unusual and unforgettable activity? Jump in elastic or hover over the canyon in paragliding!