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Confectionery Florian

House deemed established in 1949, the Confiserie Florian Gorges du Loup works flowers and fruits of Provence to sublimate their original flavors and refined delicacies. Among the specialties of the house include multiple variations of citrus jam and candied flowers, candied fruit and crystallized flower petals. Chocolate is also working at home Florian, combined with orange peel, Provencal flowers, candied fruit, almonds or herbs.

Confiserie Florian is historically installed in the hollow of the Gorges du Loup, in an exceptional site of the Grasse hinterland between mountain and river: ancient perfumery, confectionery family receives in its refined decor and Provencal 18th century. At the foot of the viaduct that are manufactured in 5 workshops gourmet specialties that make for over 60 years the reputation of the House. It turns Menton lemons, mandarins and clementines Vallauris, oranges and bergamot Nice, as well as herbs and flowers the Grasse: purple, pink, peach, lemon verbena, poppy and mimosa to taste syrup, crystallized creations or flavored teas.

The quality of the creations of the House Florian was very soon rewarded with the award in 1972 of the Gold Cup of the Good French taste. The Gorges du Loup site is open to visitors throughout the year. One can discover, in the company of a guide · e, the work done in each workshop to create different treats.

The first workshop is where the crystallized flowers are created. They are prepared to be sold in natural, or intended to decorate and flavor chocolates, nougats and calissons.

In the second workshop, visitors can witness the production of different jams and delicate operation of frosting chestnuts and candied citrus.

The third workshop is dedicated to sweets: the cartons, lollipops and candy colors and tangy flavors.

The tour continues on the chocolate workshop, where the citrus peel are hand-dipped in cocoa different preparations: dark, milk, white or hazelnut.

The last workshop is devoted to handmade packaging of sweets, handmade baskets, bags or boxes. Candied fruits, beans, almonds, chocolates, crystallized flowers and sweets are found at this stage to be sublimated.

Florian House working with natural products from Provence, the work of confectionery is in part seasonal: winter is conducive to the transformation of citrus jams, candied fruit and chocolate bark; February to August, the first harvests of flowers and herbs can be processed to create petals crystallized, candied flowers and aromatic treats. The tart candies, caramels and chocolates are made throughout the year in Florian workshops.

The tours end on a long-awaited tasting. The site is also equipped with a shop in which the designs are sold at factory prices.

Confectionery Gorges du Loup is open every day except December 25, from 9am to 12am in the morning and from 14h to 18h in the afternoon. In summer, it opens continuously from 9am to 18:30.

The House Florian has other shops in Provence, that of Nice is open since 1974, in the ancient and mythical Florian chocolate factory. It includes three manufacturing facilities, dedicated to chocolates respectively icing candied fruit and candy. Two other shops await you in the charming village of Gourdon in the historical heart of Grasse.