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Cassis The creeks in Marseilles

Spanning 20 km between Marseille and Cassis, the Calanques is composed of barren limestone cliffs dotted with hiking trails and climbing sites. The side is cut into a succession of creeks, sublime by their color contrast between the turquoise shades deep blue of the Mediterranean and brightness limestone cliffs. The park has 18 creeks to Cassis and three other creeks east of the massif of the municipalities of La Ciotat and Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

A complete hike takes you through the national park of the creeks: 20 km of marked trails connect them. Departure is from Cassis. It is imperative to provide good equipment and water because no trade or step are present on the trail. The relay Gorguettes Parking is free. From April to October, shuttles depart to transport visitors to the first creeks.

The first cove is the only one located in the municipality of Cassis it comes to the cove of Port-Miou, narrow and deep. natural harbor, it serves as a mooring point for around 600 boats. This former limestone quarry, extraction site of the famous Cassis stone sinks into the land of almost 1.5 km. It is located 30 minutes walk from the center of Cassis.

Very intimate, the creek of Port-pin is the smallest park. It houses a small range in a heavenly setting and a curiosity: the "blowhole," a cave in which the waters are engulfed by driving the air loudly.

Among the most beautiful coves include that of En Vau, very cashed and whose water remains fresh. It is topped by a gazebo where you can admire amazing views over the Mediterranean and the mountains.

Accessible reminder or boat, the creek Oule is very deep. That of Devenson, which follows, is collected again between cliffs 300 meters high.

In the district of Baumettes, the creek Morgiou is often praised for his beauty: from the cliffs, two coves and pebble beaches offer a heavenly setting for swimmers and snorkelers.

Greater creek Marseille, that of Sormiou is also one of the most beautiful: perfect for walks fins-mask-snorkel, it houses a small idyllic white sand beach lined with huts where refresh and restore.

The IGN creeks allows hikers to choose their route based on the technicality of the course, its duration and sites to discover.

The creeks can also explore by sea canoe or through a commentary in tourist shuttle cruise.

The national park of the creeks is a preserved place where you can hike on marked trail with dogs on leash, in which you can practice recreational mountain biking, and home to the climbing sites among the most famous in the world. Reasoned harvest of some species is also permitted on the massif. It is forbidden to camp, light fires or smoking, and move on board motor vehicles. The waters of the creeks can accommodate recreational activities such as sailing and mild water sports: canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle. One can make scuba diving to explore rocky areas and submerged limestone caves. One can also swim and fish. Motorized water sports such as jet skiing or jet skiing, however, are prohibited in the waters of the creeks. Fishing activity is regulated.