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Brusc and the Island of Embiez

Hamlet of the Var town of Six-Fours-les-Plages, the small port of Brusc preserved the soul and charm of a fishing village. Accessible via the coast or inland, the port of Brusc leads to the tip and the islands of Petit and Grand Gaou Gaou, accessible by a passage. Facing them, the beautiful island of Embiez can be reached by shuttle boat. The port of Brusc, very alive, is always the starting point of a few professional fishermen who work in the year. In the summer, they are a dozen to sell their catch on the harbor market and in the mouth of coastal settlements. True village in the town of Six-Fours, the Brusc has its services and shops, and animates a local market every Thursday morning. The practice Provencal balls is an institution. Sharp small animate the waters of the port of their bright colors.

Around the port of Brusc, recreation abound. The beach Charmettes, sheltered in his conch below the cornice, has free parking. Near the port, the small pebble beach of Cros has a gliding club that offers to paddle and windsurfing rentals outputs. Brusc harbor offers a wide variety of water activities to enjoy with family or more sporting manner: windsurfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, or jet skiing. A Aquascope boat offers boat trips are an opportunity to observe the rich seabed around the islands and the coast.

Facing Brusc, Embiez archipelago consists of the main island of Embiez, the bird sanctuary Petit Rouveau, the island of Grand Rouveau, islands of the Great and Little Gaou and islands from which those Mayons and La Cavell. The Embiez Island is the largest of the archipelago. Property Paul Ricard, it is famous as the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute and Aquarium. The site is dedicated to raising public awareness to the problem of pollution of the seas and oceans. nature conservation area, the island of Embiez is internationally renowned for the richness and concentration of flora and fauna. 90% of Mediterranean species are represented. Its territory offers a wide variety of landscapes between scrubland areas, pine forests, vineyards, flower meadows and steep reefs. The island of Embiez charm for its beautiful and secret coves, where you can enjoy at the same time of immense tranquility and a stunning setting.

Not open to motor vehicles, the island is visited on foot, by bike, or on board the tourist train. Island tour can be made in 1h30 walking, and 40 minutes by train. The crossing from the pier Brusc lasts only 12 minutes. The nature trail, dotted with explanatory panels, to discover the history of the island classified Natura 2000, its geological characteristics and its botanical wealth. You can take advantage of guided tours. The Saint-Pierre port can receive 750 boaters and offers many services.

With eight main beaches, the island of Embiez invites aquatic recreation like beach games, idleness, swimming and snorkeling. Each cove offers a wild and preserved environment, bathed by clear waters.

The island is also equipped with various recreational facilities such as tennis courts, the bowling alleys, the rosalies and electric bicycles for rental. A diving club and a water sports center offering a wide menu of services.

The 10 hectares of the island of vineyards produce red, rosé and white wines of Côtes de Provence.