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Bike or buggy rides
In the Massif d’Esterel mountain range

The Massif d’Esterel mountain range dominates the Mediterranean and offers breath taking views over the sea and the famous Esterel corniche d’or creeks. What better way to discover this protected mountain range than by mountain bike (electric or not), on marked trails, under the shade of the pines? Leaving from Agay, discover the Sainte Baume cave, the ecureuil, or squirrel, lake, the peak of the Cap Roux, the peak de l’ours, or bear, overlooking the sea, the peak of Aurelle, ... Buggies are another way of exploring the Esterel in a fun way, with a partner. You can also try out the buggies on an entertaining all-terrain course.

Covering an area of ​​32,000 hectares between the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes, north of Saint-Raphaël and Fréjus, separated from the Massif des Maures by the Argens valley, the Esterel massif is a magnificent natural area suitable for outdoor activities such as mountain biking and buggy. The most sporty and adventurous can climb the highest summits such as Mount Vinaigre (618 m), Suvières (558 m), Marsaou (548 m) and the peak of the Bear (492 m). During your unique experience on two wheels, you will have the opportunity to cross fabulous landscapes and walk along one of the many lakes such as Lake Avellan, Lake Grenouillet or Lake Trois-Vallons.

The Esterel massif has more than 140 mountain bike trails. Most of the routes start from Théoule-sur-Mer or Lake Ecureuil (Agay), but some also start around Fréjus and Saint-Raphaël. This area is home to several protected areas. For this reason, several portions of circuits follow broad logging paths. For the sake of the fragile flora and fauna, do not leave marked trails. However, take the time to stop several times to contemplate the landscapes that are available to you. From the heights, you will have a panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the Côte d'Azur.

In addition to mountain biking and buggy, several other sports activities can be practiced in the Esterel massif: hiking (several marked trails including GR 49 and GR 51), horseback riding, climbing, fishing ...